Introduction to Creative Project Management

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Course Overview

Step into the dynamic world of creative project management with our Introduction to Creative Project Management (Level I) certification and training course. Designed to equip you with fundamental knowledge and industry-specific techniques, this course offers a comprehensive look at the unique landscape of managing creative projects. From conceptualizing ideas to executing plans and mitigating risks, you'll explore the key stages of the creative process, with a special focus on practical case studies and real-world scenarios.

Ideal for aspiring project managers or creative professionals with no background in project management, this course dives into the various aspects of creative project management. By the end of your journey, you'll emerge with a solid foundation in creative project management, ready to bring innovative ideas to life and steer creative projects toward success.

Course Overview


  • Understanding the nature and stages of the creative process
  • Techniques for effective planning, forecasting, and execution of creative projects
  • Approaches for¬†risk management within creative contexts
  • Practical knowledge to handle project completion and evaluation


  • Aspiring or¬†early-career¬†project managers eager to¬†improve their craft¬†and bolster their credentials
  • Graphic designers, art directors, or creative directors¬†
  • Professionals looking to diversify and enhance their creative project management skills
  • Individuals interested in understanding the intricacies of managing creative projects.

Course Curriculum

Our Introduction to Creative Project Management (Level I) course features a carefully curated curriculum that takes you through the various stages of managing creative projects. The curriculum is divided into eight modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of creative project management. Here is a glimpse of each module:

1. Introduction to Creative Project Management

An overview of creative project management, its unique characteristics, and importance within creative industries.

2. The Creative Process

Learn about the types and stages of creative processes, including idea generation and concept development.

3. Forecasting & Planning

Discover techniques for defining creative project objectives and deliverables, and learn how to plan, forecast, and manage tasks effectively.

4. Execution & Delivery

Learn the nuances of communication planning, creative collaboration, and feedback integration, all components for creative project execution.

5. Risk Management

Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to identify, plan for, and mitigate risks in creative projects.

6. Project Completion

Learn about closing a project effectively and reflecting on lessons learned, as well as ways to measure project performance.

7. Creative PM Tools

Learn how to choose and utilize the right creative project management tools for your projects.

8. Case Studies

Engage with multiple story-based scenarios that highlight and test the skills and knowledge acquired in the course.

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What You Get

Our program is designed to maximize your learning experience. The content is delivered primarily through narrated presentation slides. Each module is a highly informative, guided journey, where your learning is supplemented by the visuals and diagrams on screen. If you prefer to learn audibly, the included audio version provides the same high-quality content, allowing you to learn on the go. The program also includes downloadable diagrams and PDFs which accompany each lecture, letting you dive deeper into each topic at your own pace.

Video & Audio Recordings

Comprehensive, easily digestible presentation-based videos and audio recordings which are narrated and regularly updated to incorporate best practices and latest technology trends.

Presentation & Course PDFs

Downloadable PDFs of each section and its contents, covering key concepts, diagrams, checklists, methodologies, and more, designed for studying and easy reference.

Practice Case Studies

Case studies inspired by real-world creative project management examples, providing practical applications of concepts, enhancing understanding and promoting hands-on learning.

Certification Exam & Certificate

A thorough exam to assess your understanding, leading to a recognized certification upon successful completion, validating your proficiency in creative project management.

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Certification Exam and Process

Earning your Creative Project Management certification shows your dedication and expertise. Here's how the process works:


  • After¬†completing the¬†program material, you take a¬†certification exam¬†which consists of¬†8 tests, one for each module, in multiple-choice¬†format, that test your knowledge. To pass, you must score 80% or higher on each test.¬†

  • We offer unlimited attempts, so you can take the exam as many times as needed until you succeed.


  • Upon¬†passing the exam, you'll receive a digital Certificate of Completion which is good forever and never expires.¬†
  • You can share your achievement on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, boosting your personal authority and visibility.
  • You can also download a PDF copy of the certificate for your records or copy the certificate URL for easy sharing.

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